Application of an Anti-slip coating to Elevator Walkways Painting of Coal Sampler Structure.

  • Client: SSE Plc
  • Location: Ferrybridge C Power Station
  • Work undertaken: Application of an anti-slip coating to elevator walkways

The most recent and prominent safety / corrosion coating project carried out for Scottish and Southern Energy’s Ferrybridge Power Station was the application of an anti-slip coating to the steeply sloping walkways located at the side of the tube conveyors that go from ground level to the top of the flue gas desulphurator (FGD) towers.

The conveyors carry finely crushed limestone, which is used to remove sulphur from the flue gases in a chemical reaction that produces gypsum, which is taken back down on the same conveyor. The access way at the side of the conveyors, which is needed for inspection and maintenance, is very exposed to the elements. Says Rob Tweedie, Ferrybridge’s fuel air & by products technical support engineer: “After initial installation, the two sloping open walkway floors were just painted steel plates with ridges. It was very difficult to keep your footing in adverse weather conditions, particularly rain and side winds.”

“I approached RPM, which is a local company that had previously worked for us on numerous other coating projects, so I knew it that we would get a good job.” RPM took a three-stage approach to coating the total of the walkways. This entailed cleaning and priming any rusty areas, applying an adhesive bond coat and sprinkling this with a mixture of aluminium oxide to produce a hard wearing, high- grip surface. This was then sealed with a top coat to match the rest of the walkway.

Elsewhere on the extensive site, RPM has painted the massive and intricately shaped twin coal sampler. The work had to be carried out on one side of the twin sampler while the other side continued to operate.