RPM completes major Portuguese project.

  • Client: Artlant PTA
  • Location: Sines, Portugal
  • Work undertaken: Lining of four large concrete tanks including the erection of a 2176 sq m temporary roof

Repair Protection and Maintenance Ltd has just completed a major overseas project, lining four massive 32m x 17m x 7m high effluent treatment buffer storage tanks for Artlant PTA at Sines in Portugal; a total of 5,336 sq m of high quality lining. The plant produces the raw materials for PET bottles and the chemical waste produced is stored in the concrete tanks before being sent for processing. As the effluent contains acetic acid, which corrodes concrete, a corrosion resistant coating was required.

The lining system used was the Sprayglass 600 laminate using a Novolac Epoxy vinyl ester resin. The laminate consists of a base coat, 2 layers of 450 gsm glass fibre mat and a surface tissue. A final top is then applied giving a coating thickness of 2.5 / 3 mm

All lining materials for the eight-strong workforce were shipped out in trucks in the preceding weeks and local contractors were used for scaffolding and grit blasting.

Artlant PTA engineering manager Darren Kirk added : “RPM was very competitive and professional and was able to deal effectively with local suppliers, so we were very pleased with the project. “On a large job like this, not everything goes smoothly, but if there were any problems they got sorted very quickly and effectively.”