Internal Coating Of Brine Ion Exchange Vessel

  • Client: ICL
  • Location: West Thurrock
  • Work undertaken: Tank Repairs in an ATEX Zone

We have worked within the chemical industry for many years and on many projects throughout the UK for Industrial Chemicals Ltd.

The project on this particular occasion is for coating of a Brine Ion Exchange Vessel.

RPM removed the existing lining by means of ultra high pressure water jetting equipment known informally as UHP jetting. We flash blasted the surfaces to achieve Swedish Standard SA2.5, with a minimum surface profile of 50 microns.

RPM removed dust / debris generated by the surface preparation process by means of sweeping / vacuuming.

We Applied multiple coats of Archco-Rigidon 423D coating to achieve a finished minimum dft of 1 mm. Also Applied was a Archco-Rigidon 423D based top coat to achieve a additional minimum dft of 250 microns.

Then finally the thickness was checked and spark tested to make sure it was to the required standard.

All materials were applied in accordance with the manufacturers data and health and safety data sheets.