GRP Laminate repair to leaking tanks by forming a tank within the tank then lining with a DWI Approved coating.

  • Client: Anglian Water
  • Location: Elsham Water Treatment Works
  • Work undertaken: GRP Laminate repair and DWI approved lining of GAC Filter Tanks

RPM have developed a process to to repair and, in some cases, even re-build tanks using a GRP laminate system, effectively forming a tank within a tank. If required the tank thus formed can then be lined with a DWI approved coating allowing it to be used for potable water. A typical example of this methodology was the repair and lining of six large glass lined sectional water tanks, each 6.25m diameter.

The engineer in charge of this project remembered having a similar problem with DAF tanks at the Sladen Valley WTW back in 2002. The solution then was to grit blast the tanks and build a self-supporting GRP laminate tank within the existing tanks. Once formed the laminate tank was then lined with a WRAS/DWI approved two pack solvent free epoxy coating. After repair the tanks were tested and sampled to prove the water quality. On checking that these tanks were still operational more than a decade after the original repair he had no hesitation in adopting the same repair method for Elsham.

The repair proved very cost effective and, with only just over a week to repair and line each tank, the time frame for the project was also reduced.