Lining of 125 off 17,000 litre Water Tanks.

  • Client: Network Rail
  • Location: Holgate Maintenance Depot, York
  • Work undertaken: Mechanical overhaul and lining of strainer including coating repair to drive shaft

Repair Protection & Maintenance is helping Network Rail keep leaves off the line by lining all the 17,000ltr water bowsers in their Autumn Seasonal Fleet.

Between two and eight of the 125 tanks are used on each special train, to provide water for a jet washing system. Because the fleet needs to operate at speeds of up to 60mph, to avoid other traffic on the network, the system operates at 1,500Bar to ensure removal of railhead contamination. With this kind of pressure, any blockage can seriously damage the system, so the purity of the water is an important factor, to the point where only potable water can be used. This means Network Rail cannot afford for any flaking of rust particles from the tanks themselves to get into the jet wash mechanism.

To avoid this, the rail organisation called in RPM, which has a long track record of lining tanks of all shapes and sizes. The work, carried out in three tranches at the fleet’s base at York, entailed RPM grit blasting the insides of the tanks to remove any loose material and key the surfaces prior to coating them with a glass flake filled epoxy.

To ensure the project went smoothly, the specialist lining company set up a production line at the depot, moving the tanks along from stage to stage, working on six tanks at a time.