Completed pipes passing the next batch on the way in for lining and painting.

  • Steel Services (Great Yarmouth) Ltd
  • Location: Severn Trent’s Lady Bower Reservoir
  • Work undertaken: Internal lining with Copon 165 / External painting with Copon 162

The internal lining / external painting of pipework forms a significant part of the work undertaken by the RPM group. Whether the reclamation of existing corroded pipework or the coating from new, RPM have the experience and facilities to carry major pipe projects as well as handle individual pipe spools. A typical example was the lining / painting of the replacement valve tower pipe work for Severn Trent’s Lady Bower Reservoir. The 900 mm nominal bore pipework, in lengths up to 6 metres, were internally lined with Copon 165, a DWI approved coating, and externally painted with a three coat epoxy paint system.

Working to a relatively short time frame and to a programme devised to minimise handling / transport costs the work was undertaken at RPM’s Kellington workshop. When installed the pipes were connected up to new gate valves

RPM removed dust / debris generated by the surface preparation process by means of sweeping / vacuuming.

The RPM group also undertake the fabrication and installation of coated pipework. By collating the various sub-contract activities RPM can ensure the configuration and fabrication standards of the pipes will suit the coating process.

Through the careful selection of the most appropriate lining material and by paying special attention to detail, such as terminating the lining in flange rebates, RPM can provide new pipework with long term corrosion / chemical protection and refurbish badly damaged / corroded pipework giving it a renewed service life well in excess of the original installation.