Re-lining of Cation / Anion filter vessels including the stripping out of internals and their replacement after lining.

  • Client: British Energy Generation Ltd
  • Location: Dungeness B Power Station
  • Work undertaken: Stripping out vessel internals, removal of old rubber lining & re-lining with Glass

Repair Protection and Maintenance Ltd successfully bid for the relining of water treatment vessels at British Energy’s Dungeness B Power Station. Three mixed bed vessels in the condensate polishing plant (CPP) and one each of the cation, anion and mixed bed vessels in the towns water treatment plant (TWTP) were originally scheduled to have their existing rubber lining removed and replaced. The material selected by RPM was Archco- Rigidon 403 D, a vinyl ester based flake glass filled coating.

This turnkey contract included the opening up and stripping out of the internal fittings from the vessels and their subsequent re-installation. The three cation vessels in the CPP were also scheduled to be inspected and any minor coating repair work carried out.

However once access had been gained it became evident that the condition of the rubber lining on these vessels was such that they too would require to be completely stripped out and relined.

Ultra high pressure water jetting equipment was utilised to remove the existing rubber lining prior to grit blasting and application of the new glass flake lining. With so many vessels requiring numerous operations the careful programming of the work was vital. The need to carry out major repair work to three additional vessels, whilst still maintaining the required completion date, may have stretched the resources of RPM but not their resolve. To cope with the additional work load they sought assistance from their Higham based subsidiary Sprayglass International Ltd and between them all six vessels were returned ready for service by the scheduled start up date.