This shows samples of work done for some of our current clients at our Kellington Workshop.

  • Client: Bale, Future, Veolia, Acumen & Clearwater
  • Location: RPM’S Kellington Workshop
  • Work undertaken: Inspection, Repairs and Linings to the Internals of Barrels

Repair Protection and Maintenance Ltd carry out the lining of road tanker barrels for most of the UK operators who carry corrosive effluent. The glass flake filled coatings also have excellent erosion resistance which can cope with solids suspended in the effluent as well as the mechanical knocks caused by the cleaning machinery used between loads.

As well as the lining of new barrels RPM offer a routine coating inspection service. The lining is visually inspected, spark tested, and thickness checked to ensure the lining has not deteriorated. Small defects are generally repaired as part of he inspection process. Larger defects are detailed on an inspection report together with a repair specification and price.

Barrel internals have been grit blasted to the Swedish Standard SA 2.5 with a minimum surface profile of 75 microns. Multiple coats of Omegaglass 100 a vinyl ester flake glass filled coating was applied to achieve a nominal dft of 1.75 mm (1.5 mm minimum). A colour coded resin rich surface veil coat was applied. All welds and sharp corners were stripe coated at least once during the coating operation. The coating was carried through nozzle connections and finished on the flange faces or terminated in flange rebates and finished flat. Final thickness was checked and spark tested to the required standard.