• Client: Yorkshire Water
  • Location: Ryburn IRE Transmission Pipebridge
  • Work undertaken: Anti-carb coating to concrete structure and wrapping of the pipe with Densoclad 70

The RPM Group under took the concrete protection and pipe wrapping aspect of the contract. The pipebridge had been strengthened by the installation of steel cladding. The steel sections had been blasted and primed at RPM’s Kellington workshop prior to being installed and finished painted on site. The concrete was high pressure water washed to remove surface contamination and a primer coat of Resbuild Anti-carb, diluted by 20 percent water, was applied by roller to ensure a suitable bond.

Two full coats of Resbuild Anti-carb were then applied to achieve a dft of 200 microns. The soffit section of the concrete was prepared as the main structure but was coated with a compatible flame retardant material.

The steel cladding was manually prepared back to ST 2 by wire brushing and a single coat of Copon Hycote 152LV applied to a nominal dft of 250 microns. A finish coat of Copon Polycote, coloured to match the concrete anti-carb paint, was then applied to a nominal dft of 50 microns. The bitumen painted pipe was inspected and areas of bare exposed steel were prepared by means of a wire brushing / scraping to ST2 and primed with Denso Primer D. The flanged joints were reprofiled with Denso mastic and the joints wrapped horizontally. The whole pipe was then wrapped in Densoclad 70 PVC backed bitumen tape.