Samples of other work done in P300 Waterline

  • Client: Morrisons Construction
  • Location: Sladen Valley WTW
  • Work undertaken: Repairs to DAF Tanks

In late 2001 Repair Protection & Maintenance Limited were approached by Morrisons Construction to find a solution to a problem with 2 DAF Tanks that had some small holes in them and were thinning. RPM visited the site and proposed to repair and reinforce the tanks with a combination of resin and fibreglass mat. This would seal the holes and give a 3-5mm thick GRP reinforcement to the tanks.
The repair had to be carried out using a Potable Water Approved Coating and to that end Huntings Waterline P300 was chosen as the most effective coating with regards to the curing and return to service time frame. RPM were awarded the work and in November 2001 the first tank was repaired, coated and returned to service. The second tank was similarly worked on in February 2002.

The tanks were grit blasted and then repaired using resin and fibreglass mat to reinforce the steel tank and repair minor holes. Once this work was complete the coating could take place.

The GRP was sanded down to give a suitable surface and all dust/residues were vacuumed up. A coating of Huntings P300 Waterline was applied via a specialist plural component spray machine to achieve a nominal DFT of 500mm. Wet combs were employed to monitor the wet film thickness.

This work was carried out between November 2001 and February 2002. We attended site to visually check the coating in February 2016 and it was in pristine condition. The plant operatives who clean out the tank twice a year stated the coating appeared to be in an as new condition.