The sprinkler tank has been in situ since it was built in 1957, this was the first time it required a new lining.

  • Client: Edwin Woodhouse & Co Limited
  • Location: Sunny Bank Mills
  • Work undertaken: Lining to the Bottom Half of a Sprinkler Tank

The tank was only to be partially lined from 2 0’clock to 10 o’clock.

RPM began by scraping away all the loose debris followed by a grit blast. The tank was cleaned, primed and left to cure overnight.
To the rivets and seams, filler (which is silica filler powder combined with catalysed resin) was applied by brush. 2 layers of 300gsm chopped strand matt (CSM) was then imbedded into the filler.

The body of the tank received one layer of 300gsm CSM. Followed by; being wetted out with resin. Then paddle rolled to expel any air entrapped between the CSM and the base coat. The surface tissue is then applied, wet on wet and then the system is left to cure. The system was inspected for defects prior to the application of the top coat.

The system used is Sprayglass SJ-01 and is primarily used to protect steel from corrosive attack. It is widely used for lining in aqueous applications and potable water tanks including sprinkler tanks.
Suitable for aggressive atmospheric conditions.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Superior physical properties
  • Good erosion / abrasion resistance
  • Medium chemical resistance
  • Low permeability
  • Good application properties
  • Good repair ability
  • Monolithic seamless structure