Mechanical overhaul and coating of rotary strainer including the casting in of the seal lands.

  • Client: Trant Construction Limited
  • Location: Bexley Substation
  • Work undertaken: Surface preparation and application of polyurethane based bund lining

The system adopted was a high performance moisture cured polyurethane lining reinforced with glass fibre mat. This provides a highly elastomeric membrane able to respond to thermal and substrate movement. The system is resistant to abrasion and impact damage, do not degrade with prolonged exposure to ultra-violet light and will comfortably tolerate foot traffic and attack by airborne pollutants and other aggressive chemicals.

Because the system uses moisture in the atmosphere to trigger the cure system they are capable of being applied in damp conditions and will cure even under ponded water. This gives the system a high degree of weather tolerance thereby reducing the risk of delays in adverse weather conditions.

The concrete substrate was prepared by high pressure detergent water wash to remove surface contaminants and any loose material. After localised repairs to cracks or surface damage the first coat of single pack material is applied to the surface into which a layer of glass fibre mat is embedded. After overnight cure the surface is inspected and rubbed down to remove any rough areas or exposed strands of glass prior to applying the top coat. Generally the bund walls, plinths and any sumps are lined first then the floor is applied to provide a seamless waterproof membrane.