Re-coating of Water Pit – Approx 32 sq m SJ01.

  • Clients: Koso Kent Introl Limited
  • Location: Brighouse
  • Work undertaken: Lining to Water Pit

Koso Kent Introl Limited manufactures, assembles and then pressure tests valves and components. The test is carried out under water as this obviously shows up the leaks and provides a safe environment.

The concrete test pit being used was showing signs of age. The existing coating was chipped and peeling off in areas. Koso contacted RPM with a view to offering a new coating.

RPM having looked at the pit and the potential of damage from the components, suggested a more robust lining incorporating a glass fibre mating system that would offer a longer term solution than conventional coating systems. Koso recognised the merit in RPM’s system and subsequently placed an order.

The Water Pit was received in a dry and clean condition free from contamination. The surface was prepared by manual and mechanical means to provide a suitable key. Removal of dust and debris generated by the cleaning process was swept and vacuumed, before being primed. After the primer had hardened, a base coat of resin/filler was applied by trowel to a nominal dft of 1.5 mm. Whilst the base coat was still soft, we in-bedded a layer of 600 gsm chopped strand mat which was wetted out with resin using a paddle roller to ensure there were no dry areas or trapped air pockets. A surface tissue over the mat was then applied, wetted out with resin and the system was left to cure. The surface was rubbed down to remove any high spots. A top coat was then applied by brush/roller. The finished thickness of the system was approximately 2.5/3 mm.