Within our company we have experience and knowledge of both the manufacture and application of coatings. This we believe gives us a more balanced outlook and helps us in the selection of the most appropriate coating systems.

Flake Reinforced Coatings
Glass flakes are the most common reinforcement although mica and metallic flake systems are also available. The glass flake reinforced polyester and vinyl ester coatings offer excellent chemical resistance and long term corrosion protection. Low odour, solvent free Epoxy glass flake coatings have extremely good abrasion and chemical resistance properties.

GRP Laminates
Heavy duty lining usually formulated from either polyester or vinyl ester resin, reinforced with chopped strand glass fibre mat. Suitable for both steel and concrete substrates but particularly useful for concrete tanks & bunds where the physical properties of the lining can withstand minor substrate failures such as hairline cracking.

Moisture Cured Polyurethane
Provides a flexible seamless waterproof membrane making it ideal for flat roof coating and bund lining. A key advantage of the system is that it uses moisture in the atmosphere to trigger the curing process which means the coating is capable of being applied in damp conditions, even curing under ponded water. This gives the system a high degree of weather tolerance and is rarely delayed by adverse weather conditions.