The internal lining / external painting of pipework forms a significant part of the work undertaken by RPM Ltd. Whether reclaiming existing corroded pipework or coating new, we have the experience and facilities to carry out major pipe lining projects as well as individual pipe spools.

For the Power Generation and Petro-chem Industries, particularly for seawater cooling pipelines, we generally adopt a vinyl ester glass flake lining to provide the required corrosion protection and offer an epoxy glass flake where enhanced erosion protection is required.

For the Water Industry we can offer DWI approved epoxy linings.

In addition, by carefully selecting the most appropriate lining material and paying special attention to detail such as terminating the lining in flange rebates, we can provide new pipework with long term corrosion/chemical protection and refurbish badly damaged / corroded pipework, giving it a renewed service life well in excess of the original installation.